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Well I’ve taken some ativan so I can actually sleep tonight… and stop crying….

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Well It’s over…. no more Matt and I….

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I think I’d hate myself if I lose this man. I mean, he’s so amazing, and for me to let him go? To not be with him anymore because of something I did? I really would. I really think I would hate myself…

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what I say: nice shirt
what I mean: duDE I'M IN THAT FANDOM
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FUCK. Matt just texted me back after I had texted him. I had texted him asking if I could spend the night with him when he got back because we have the same first class in the morning. His response was that he’s still in DM and will be back at around 4. He also asked me if he could come over to talk and that kind of has me scared shitless now because that’s exactly how my past two relationships have ended. And fuck I can’t… I’m in love with this man… I am emotionally, physically, and mentally invested in this relationship and… I just don’t even want to think about that as a possibility… 

I mean, I’ve been sending him texts since he went to go see him mom that are pretty clingy and stuff… But I just don’t feel like I got my fill of him after having been back. I mean… I had been 

So I was exactly right… He wants to end it… He wants to end it all… 

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sometimes I forget that someone I know in real life follows me on here


how are you

hope you’re enjoying me talking about fictional characters fucking 

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Theorem: Puppys are cool



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on ur period likeimage

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Anonymous asked: Hey, can you tell that anon that African American Vernacular English is a recognized dialect of the english language. So, really, it is correct grammar. Just like American English is correct grammar. Do you also jump down people's throats for spelling grey like gray? or favourite like favorite? colour like color? If it's incredibly widespread it's probably correct in a way, language is a mysterious thing.



I’m pretty sure the same thing applies for Puerto Rican spanish. Because who else says pana, and have it mean friend?


Yes exactly taken from La Real Academia Española:

They even put what countries use the definition listed, because of how language evolves. 

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from zero to internet explorer how ignored do you feel

white pencil crayon.

Terms and Conditions.

Warning label on cookie dough packages. 

“You must be 18 or older” webpage warnings



First piece of bread in a loaf.

Will Smith’s second son

Wait he has a second son?

imagethis is what comes up when you google will smith’s children

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